Fellow Fellow


This brand new band from BEC-Tero Music started with two close friends who have the same love in music; Khao – Panithi Lerd-udonthana (vocal) and Tee – Pitsanu Hataipantaluk (guitar). The singer and the guitarist decided to do cover versions of hit songs and posted them on YouTube and one day, what they did catch an eye of producer, Narong Decha. Then, they started to write their own music. The duo preferred using

The duo preferred using an easy choice of words, but crafted them and used them to tell stories in a deep and different perspective. To make it simple, their music was well-designed exactly like how they worked on product design, their specialty from the university.

They finally released the very first single, “Yar Chai Kwam Ngeab Ma Kui Kan” (Don’t be silent). The song is about a very gloomy and silent atmosphere of a couple when they stop talking to each other. The second single, “Pleng Suan Book Kon” (A personal song) was written from a perspective of a very shy person who wanted to convey his feelings to someone he fell in love with.

With the latest single, “Sanya Chabub Sud Tai” (The last contract), the duo crafted this romantic song with such beautiful lyrics and music creating a romantic atmosphere of a person giving vows to his lover in a very beautiful way.

In 2017, the band released their first album ‘Nerd Eye View’. Fellow Fellow composed all the songs on the album, under the supervision of Producer, Narong Decha

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