electric.neon.lamp a usual name with an unusual twist by adopting 3 similar words together. Those words reflect the 5 members’ musical journey. With the ordinary looks, yet their musical directions are obvious, lucid and capture attention.

“We began with only 4 members playing together in a band since high school in Lampang. After we graduated, about a year later, we were back together” Since Jane (the lead singer) and Ton (the guitarist) went to the same college in Chiangmai. They both decided to write their first song “Nightmare” หรือ “เธอที่ร้าย” which became their debut single with Blacksheep Records.

We wrote our first song under a lamp during the final so we felt like it would be a cool name” Ton talked about the story behind the band’s name “electric.neon.lamp”. Ton continued “At the beginning, I am afraid that it might be too long that this is the name every member likes and it should attract attention because it is so unique and so us”

“electric.neon.lamp” has a cool simple meaning yet deep and match with the band character. Each band member has an easy going personality but attractive like a normal pop-rock song but colorful and unique in details. The lyric of the songs speaks about the band perspective from each member’s experiences.

“We listen to various types of music so the music that we create is a mixture of each member taste. Like me, I never take any singing class, yet I perform just the way I am. The freshness of our music is what we are presenting to the market. Crafting new sound yet it has to be our sound” Jane talks about electric.neon.lamp’s music. “We are not a good-looking band, so we don’t have anything to hold back, just release our energies in the show”

Even though the band lives in Chiang Mai yet they also have followers in Bangkok. They went through several rounds of audition and finally got to perform in Fat Festival No. 7. Ball from Scrubb has asked to feature one of their songs in Believe Compilation Vol. 1 and it was first spotted by Blacksheep Record. Right now they are with BEC-Tero Music.

electric.neon.lamp has started their musical journey by following a little beam yet they are ready to shine brightly beyond imagination.

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