Bedroom Audio


Bedroom Audio is an indie rock band that started making their own music in a bedroom belongs to Mann, the frontman and a businessman from Lampang. The band consists of Kawin Sirinawin (vocal), Karn Sook-In (guitar), Suraparb Tongpila (bass) and Chakrit Kerdsakul (drums).

In 2012, “Mai Bork Ther” (Not Telling You), a song Mann posted on Bedroom Audio fan page, was picked by Fat Radio as a New Fat song. The song gained huge support from Fat Radio’s fans and even reached to No.9 on The Fat 40 Chart and had remained on the chart for 19 weeks.

However, a big leap that made Bedroom Audio become much more well-known was when “Mai Bork Ther” had been picked to play in“Hormones – Wai Wa Woon”, a hit series among youngsters of these days. That gained the song with 65 page views and hit top music charts all over the nation.

In 2017, it was time for them to release their first album, ‘Bedroom Audio’ after 10 years of making music. It contains their stories, experiences and the passion of their music.

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