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Synchronization, Administration, Mechanical License and Public Performance Royalty

Synchronization Solutions

When film and TV meet music, the synchronization begins. “Synchronization license” is used when moving pictures are attached to music. It is used for several objectives here:


The license of music for use with; Film, TV, Games, Media Advertising, Web and Radio & all other media platforms. BEC Tero Music Publishing has the songs to suit every need.



Right Administration Solutions

BEC-Tero music publishing administration services are perfect for songwriters with a busy schedule. We monitor and distribute your royalties with transparency. Every 6 months a statement will be submitted to your mailbox in order to show our songwriters how much they earn.


Our partnership with Sony/ATV – the World’s number 1 music publishing company, means that we are not only able to collect royalties in Thailand, but also all revenue your songs make overseas.

Mechanical license

We license music for audio needs such as Branded CD’s & compilation/re-issue packages

A mechanical license is used when it comes to reproduce and distribute copyrighted musical compositions (songs) on CDs, records, tapes, ringtones, permanent digital downloads, interactive streams and other digital configurations supporting various business models, including locker-based music services and bundled music offerings.

At Bec-Tero Music Publishing, we offer a wide range of music in our catalog for the mechanical license. From rock to pop, we have all the hits that suit your needs.

Bespoke Music or Production Music

BEC Tero Music Publishing can provide bespoke services or custom made music for use in Film/TV/Advertising/Games & Corporate Branding.


BEC Tero’s ever-expanding catalog of music produces music for every occasion and every project, in need of a great song. We are dedicated to assisting clients to find the right music for the right purpose.

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