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Company Overview

As a songwriter, you’re owed money whenever the music you’ve written is purchased, streamed, covered, played on the radio, performed in public, heard on YouTube, sampled, sold as sheet music, or used as the soundtrack to a film, TV show, commercial, video game, or presentation. Today, songwriters have more opportunities than ever to make significant income from their songs.

BEC-Tero Music Publishing can help you accomplish this. As a leader in the Thai music industry, representing major songwriters such as Slot Machine, Tor+ Saksit, 60 Miles, Bedroom Audio and etc.

We are partners with Sony/ATV music publishing – the World’s number 1 music publisher. We do not only help you collect in Thailand but also every time your songs are used overseas.

Company History

BEC-Tero Entertainment Public Company Limited. It was founded on 27 March 1998. It’s a joint venture between BEC World Public Co., Ltd. and Mr. Brian L. Marcar in the form of shareholdings and capital for World Media Supply Co., Ltd. The company then changed its name to BEC-Tero Entertainment Co., Ltd.

We communicate through 4 channels to meet the needs of every consumer.

1. On Air – Communicating with millions…through top TV and Radio programmes

2. Online – Connecting online, with the most popular websites

3. On Ground – Reaching all location with special activities

4. On Stage – Connecting to world-class experiences with the widest variety of top-quality entertainment


Pharn” by Slot Machine, is a formation of new ideas and band members which created a clearer band identity, including new insights and ideas. “Pharn” was written using the notion of “keep the past, start the new” which meant progressing and learning new experiences while keeping the past as a reminder and as a lesson for the things to come as a result of Gak’s personal experiences.

The hit-single “Pharn (Yesterday)” broke chart records everywhere in Thailand as it became one of the songs anyone can sing along with. As it is one of Slot Machine’s biggest hits, “Pharn (Yesterday)” won “Song of the Year” from Seed Radio Awards in 2007

In 2017, ‘Pharn‘ has been selected again to be placed in a campaign #OurSong #เพลงของเรา since it perfectly described long-lasting friendship.

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